Paramparika - Wedding Planning & Caterer Branding

Paramparika when first approached with a mere typography had great expectations to exhibit both of its premium and traditional identity in catering. Every Tradition and Culture could be greatly identified in the food, dressing and habitual mannerisms. And so as is Paramparika, a premium catering in Coimbatore that brings out our traditional taste in their food. The major motive in the brand element is to represent the in-depth traditional value, as the name indicates. The main element “Kolam” though not merely a decorative factor, has several social, spiritual and symbolic meanings. Kolam drawn with rice flour is believed to serve food for many small creatures. And so Paramparika symbolizes “Kolam”, as a traditional identity. The Brown Background of course relates to the traditional way of cooking in mud, being organic, natural and also representing the heritage kitchen. The color in gold represents premium, richness and high quality that Paramparika would endow with.

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