Spin Cycles - Laundry Services Branding

Client testimonial: Dear Balaji, Dinesh, Ramesh and Mukta, To be honest, we have seen only harsh and unpleasant faces in our business dealings and Narendra and I both agree that your team has been like an oasis in a desert! Every step of the way, you guys have been polite, quick, creative, extremely professional and have delivered beyond expectations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Special mention to the tireless iterations of logos - we were truly, truly bowled over. Balaji, your team of Dinesh and Ramesh has been amazing! They are obviously two of your greatest assets Mukta, thank you for co-ordinating the financial transfers so smoothly and also for agreeing to deliver the production files ahead of time. It helped us get the project closed in time. Balaji, your creative talent is awe-inspiring and you have gained 2 more fans. We will continue to be your customers and you have taught us a valuable lesson in customer satisfaction. Yours sincerely, Ferbin & Narendra.Co-Founders, SPIN CYCLES, Contact Number: 8880004880

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