The Amazing School - Indian School Branding

The Amazing school logo portrays a star, complementing the byline of the brand which says,'every star counts'. The logo also represents the Sahasrara chakra which consolidates the qualities of all the seven major chakras in the human body. The chakra is also considered as the highest possibility of knowing the wisdom of the universe. Vibrant colours have been used in the logo thus, befitting the brand's type of business. As the tagline goes, every child is considered to be a star that is unique in its own way. It also justifies the fact that no student is left out based on their strengths and weaknesses. To emphasise the above, the illustration reveals children doing different activities. The stars upon which the children are illustrated are different from one another so that the fact that every star counts is rationalised. Stars and colours have been incorporated into the uniform of the children. The shirt/blouse depicts stars, forming the major part of the uniform. Colours from the logo is also a part of the school uniform.

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