Vilvaa - Online Garland Store Branding

Expectations of the logo The logo was expected to represent flowers at one glance and the brand name to of course relate to floral. Such a kind of logo should disclose that the business is something related to flowers and is nothing but the online garland store. Solution Nothing except for the flowers and leaves could make a better representation of the logo was the first key to solution. Thus working on the same, flower petals and leaves were used in the logo to identify the business to an online garland store. Brand Identity Vilvaa – Vilvaa is an auspicious leaf often represented to divinity. The purpose being the brand name “Vilvaa” used is to represent the more special occurrence that we make on any auspicious events like wedding, home functions and more. Flowers – Whenever we tend to think of a flower, it more often appears to be in pink at first rather than any other color. And thus the color pink is used for the petals. It is a normal phenomenon of illustrating the flowers in watercolor, to make a lively appearance. And thus the logo being illustrated in water color. As known that the leaves are the food factory of the plant, it is more essential that the leaves play an important role for the flowers to blossom. Also said that the garlands look more elegant with both the flowers and leaves being the attractive combination of colors. And so is the leaves in the middle of the logo.

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