12 ways in which women are breaking stereotypes
The role of women in supporting and transforming households and communities is incomparable but no special recognition is given to them. Every woman has a story to share and when her story is heard, the world will change. “12 ways in which women are breaking stereotypes” is for every woman out there, playing out her various roles beautifully and shaping history. Let’s celebrate a woman for all that she is and make her more visible and audible all the time, everywhere.
Fiercely independent:
A woman believes in her strength. She knows it’s not an easy world out there but she will still spread her wings and learn how to fly. She heads out into unfamiliar areas, out of her comfort zone, soaring to new heights, true to the fact that “ Unless you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly.”
Aiming for the sky
A woman has the persistence to achieve; faith in herself, hopefulness and even under extremely trying circumstances, she strives hard and keeps going. She is well aware that her success is directly proportional to her efforts and works on the impulse that “ it’s worth a shot”.
Shattering boundaries
If a woman sets her mind, she can do just anything. When a woman faces discrimination, lack of equal opportunities or feels that her potential is not utilised properly, she figures out ways to get over the hurdles and follow her dreams. She creates real change by shattering boundaries or bonds that hold her down. When she does that, not only she, but everyone around her benefits.
Projecting dreams
She dreams about equality, freedom, possibilities and a chance to grow and be independent — away from vulnerability. A woman’s dreams are messages to herself- helping her to grow from within. She watches with sheer joy every dream floating like a bubble in the air — each reflecting a rainbow. All that she must do is to catch them before they disappear and become one with the sky.

 Setting examples
It takes a lot of conscious effort to be an example through not just words, but through actions. A woman is authentic, intentionally becoming the change she wants to see in the world. She does whatever it takes as she believes that how she behaves is the standard for everyone else to follow — a standard that they will use to measure themselves and become better versions of their own, while treating her with love, respect and equality . A woman’s efforts are not to show how to be perfect but to make better choices.

Embracing transitions:
A woman teaches herself to expect the “ best from herself” — by always exploring new aspects that will help her grow. She sees herself as a work in progress, and if there is something to change, she just does it.
Building accomplishments
The joy of building sandcastles is enriching. A woman builds her sandcastles, a metaphor for all that she does for herself and for others. These sandcastles are built on foundations of love, truth and faith. Life might be hard on her, just like the rogue waves that mercilessly knock the sandcastles down, but she counts the moments of enjoyment that come from the journey, not the results.
Limitless creativity
In whatever a woman does, her creativity allows her to stretch out her mind, do new things. She has an ability to look at the world with fresh eyes, passionate about everything she is a part of, and open to experience. She can bring life to a blank canvas.
Channelling aspirations
A woman is always creating something that she’s proud of. She inspires others to fulfil their dreams, striving to give her best every time. Her dreams drive her to overcome any hurdles that come her way. She realises that everything she does has a ripple effect — impacting many people in wonderful ways. That provides fuel to her dreams and makes her refuse to give up.
Seeking significance
The human heart is never satisfied and always wishes for “ a little bit more”, be it success, fame, money or material. A woman rewrites her story based on what makes her different and adds to her strength. Well aware that success fades very quickly when compared with significance, a woman knows she needs to stand for something greater and uses her education and wisdom to make an impact in people’s lives — something worth living for.
A woman swims in the depth of her dreams and never loses herself whatever odds may come her way. She steps out of her comfort zone and takes that leap into the unknown, however uncomfortable it may be.
Par excellence
The universe works in a woman’s favour when she puts her heart and soul and uplifts herself physically and mentally. Whatever she does, comes with the tag “ with love and care”. She is always reinventing herself and adding newer versions that are more sophisticated and admirable. Isn’t that all it takes to prove she’s par excellence?

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