14 Desi Gods Iconography by Pagic Studio
This project of, series of icons on Indian Gods is a collaboration with SCD Balaji of Atma Studios, under the hashtag #DesiGodIcons. 

In India, a country of innumerable Gods, we worship almost everything, from a tree to a cow. The intention is to bow down to every being with a humble heart and be grateful to them. 

The motive of this project is to document as many Indian Hindu gods as possible and elevate knowledge of Hindu mythology to the world. 
Balaji, also known as Lord Venkateswara, is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is self-manifested (Moolavirat). He resides on the 7 hills of Tirumala (Seshachalam) and cannot return to the Vaikunta (Heaven), owing to his debt to Lord Kubera.
Dakshinamurthy is the form of Shiva, in which he taught the seven sages yoga, music and wisdom, through silence. He is visualised to wear a lot of Rudrakshas and sits under a banyan tree.
Dhanvantri is the god of Ayurveda, who was born from the churning of the milky ocean. He carries the pot of immortal nectar and is the ultimate healer of all diseases. 
Kalki is the final (tenth) avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is prophesied to incarnate at the end of Kaliyuga, to destroy the evil and end the age of darkness. He is shown to be riding a horse with the sword of fire.
Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune and wealth, who is often visualized to sit on a lotus. She is projected as one of the three forms of supreme goddess along with Saraswathi and Durga (Kali).
Meenakshi is an avatar of goddess Parvathi and is a deity who resides in Madurai. She is the consort of Sundareswara (another form of Shiva). She is often depicted dusky with a greenish tint, with a parrot in her hand.
Narayani is the goddess who comprises all sacred feminine energy. She is usually depicted to hold a conch and a wheel (chakra) in her hands and the five-headed Kundalini serpent over her crown.
Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and arts. She is one of the goddesses of the trinity (Tridevi) and is the concert of the god Brahma (the creator).
Shiva ‘The Destroyer’ is a member of the holy trinity (Trimurthi) along with Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva is considered to be the first yogi, who created yoga (Adiyogi). Shiva is also associated with time, dance and null.
Vishwakarma is the supreme god of architecture, who built all the palaces and flying chariots of the Hindu gods. He is the son of Lord Brahma. He also designed the weapons ‘Vajra’ and ‘Agnayestra’.
Narasimha is a furious god, who has the face of a lion and a human body. He destroys evils and restores dharma, should the evil outrages. He is the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu
Sukhamuni is the son of Vyasa, who has the face of a parrot and a human body. He has compiled all the Vedas and can recite them all verbatim. 
Kubera is a semi-dive god of all treasures and wealth of the world. Kubera is chubby and carries a money-pot with him. He travels in a flying palatial vehicle (Pushpaka Vimana). He built the golden city of Lanka.
Pashupatinath is the god of all animals and is metaphorically depicted to have horns. He is a personification of Shiva. 
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