Five sense of the human body
Language: Tamil
Humans have five basic senses: Touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. The sensing organ associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand  and perceive the world around us. We are always blessed to use all our five senses to enjoy and live each and every day. Sometimes we will use all our five senses even without realising it. This book is about 5 senses filled with colourful illusatrtions with simple dialogues. Each sense consists of 6 pages and in total there are 30 pages in the book. This book mainly created as an attempt to create a simple level one book in Tamil for preschoolers similar to English language.

FRONT PAGE                                                                                    BACKPAGE
         The book cover focuses on the 5 sense organs functions of the human body.
                                       SKETCH TO COLOURING PROCESS

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