Bengal Pattachitra God Heads
A collation of God Heads from Hindu Mythology in Bengal Pattachitra Art Style with a contemporary feel and touch of quirkiness.
A little about Bengal Pattachitra, Indian Folk Art Style
Who is Ganesha?
Ideations, sketching and inking
Adhi Ganesha
Poster Collection for Ganesha
Who is Durga?
Sketching, ideation and Inking
Maa Durga
Poster Collection for Durga
Who is Mahadev?
Sketching, ideation and Inking
Poster Collection for Shiva
Who is Kali?
Sketching, ideation and Inking
Maa Kali
Poster Collection for Kali
Who is Godha Devi?
Sketching, ideation and Inking
Godha Devi (Andal)
Poster Collection for Godha Devi
Who is Vishnu?
Bhagawan Vishnu
Poster Collection for Vishnu
Who is Anjaneya?
Sketching, ideation and Inking
Veer Anjaneya
Poster Collection for Anjaneya
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As token of Gratitude, Aadi Ganesha (jpg) and Veer Anjaneya (png) Assets have been made available as free downloads!

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