Hello everyone!

A visual treat through a very special art form, one of the most soulful art forms ever, which is also really close to my heart - CHITRASUTRA!!
The word ‘Chitrasutra’ is coined from two words Chitra (meaning painting/picture) and Sutra (meaning grammar/formula/rules/principles). And those principles of God paintings are present in the “Vishnudharmottara Purana”, in a particular chapter called “Chitrasutra.” 

In India there are thousands of Gods that are worshipped and each one have their own unique features. Here, I have visualised and illustrated the love between the ‘Eternal Couples’ in this ancient art form, which will be the best invite for you special day.

“A painting is not just a technique to learn, but it is the expression of an artist’s love towards it”

Share your comments as I share my love for this art form with you. 
Now let us dwell into the beauty of these Chitrasutra Wedding Invites.
Andal Ranganathar Weddding Invite
Anirudh Usha Wedding Invite
Radha Krishna Wedding Invite
Murugan Valli Wedding Invite
Ram Seetha Wedding Invite
We perceive your ideas and create masterpieces!
Thank you!

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