Baker Lady with a Cake
This illustration of a cute chubby baker lady carrying a giant cake is my attempt to create an artwork using the airbrushing method of painting.

Airbrushing is a style of painting where blurry shadows and highlights are blended smoothly with the base colour to bring in a 3d essence and create a depth in the perception of the observer.
The limitless nature of the airbrushing method allows one to create textures that range from borderline cartoonish to humanly realistic and thus gives an artist the possibility to study each material and work on it on a deeper level.
The creation of this artwork opened me up to a new technique of painting. Something that can be incorporated in different traditional as well as modern art styles. Airbrushing is a method that can be witnessed in Indian folk art styles such as Chitrasutra or Kerala Mural and even in modern art styles such as this particular cute illustration, 3d character designs and much more.
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