Dimensions of Lord Shiva
We often see someone in our shoes. What happens when we put ourselves in the other person's shoes and see the world?

These dimensions of Lord Shiva are a reflection of his complexity and his spiritual and mythological importance in Hinduism. Devotees of Shiva pray to him for guidance in achieving spiritual development, inner tranquility, and release from the cycle of birth and death.

Check out the illustrations reflecting some of his dimensions in the series, illustrated in Orissa Pattachitra: Ancient Odisha Art Form Depicting Mythology and Folklore through Intricate Paintings on Cloth executed digitally done in partnership with Artpreneur Program
Dakshinamurthy: The Silent Guru, Bestower of Supreme Knowledge, Who Radiates Wisdom and Guides Seekers on the Path of Self-Realization.
Pasupathi: Lord of All Creatures, Protector and Transformer, Embodiment of Divine Power and Spiritual Transcendence.
Shivaparivar: The Divine Family, United in Love and Devotion, Embodying the Eternal Cycle of Creation, Preservation, and Transformation.
Sundareshwar: The Beautiful Lord of All, Radiating Divine Grace and Love.
1. Artpreneur Program - Educated us on the knowledge of illustration process, 
Re-engineering art forms, Creativity, Adobe Illustrator Tools, Aesthetics, and many more..Click here to apply and learn for yourself.
2. Fables by Homa - Ideated and executed the series following their process and wisdom. Click here to get your ideas illustrated and branded.
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