Quotes of Mr. SCD BALAJI as Illustrated Hand Lettering (Vector)
This is a second part of the series "Quotes of Mr. SCD Balaji" my design mentor. Have tried to illustrate and have provided meanings to these hand lettering illustrations.

Have chosen vivid color theme which is a favorite color palette of our mentor.

I had loads of fun illustrating these. 

All illustrations are copyrighted hence reproduction of the same in any format is legally prohibited. 
When we concentrate one stroke at a time, every curved line becomes straight and then sky is the limit to achieve our dreams. (Metaphors : Curved border, straight border, Sky)
At the end of any course, a student should evolve and progress without clinging to the teacher for the lifetime. (Metaphors : Rope, Magnet and open border)
A great teacher should be a conduit pipe. The teacher should absorb and reflect the thoughts and enhance more the teachings of his / her mentor (metaphor : moon)
Like a sea wave or a clock, consistency is important and it is the key to our success.
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