Integral part of mankind is Art and Music.
Both Art and music have evolved through ages along with human race.
In particular music can have a profound effect on a person's emotions and the body.  Following are the Illustrations on 

12 Music Genres and Musicians in 
Contemporary Art Deco Outline style.
 Baul folk music accompanied by the instrument Ektara 
is from Bengal region of Indian Subcontinent.
The music of the Bauls, Baul Sangeet, is a particular type of folk song. 
Its lyrics carry influences of the Hindu bhakti movements
Sangeetha Swarangal is the carnatic music genre associated with Southern India.
It is one of two main subgenres of Indian Classical music that evolved from ancient Hindu traditions.
The main emphasis in Carnatic music is on vocal music; 
most compositions are written to be sung, and
 even when played on instruments, they are meant to be performed in singing style.

Hindustani classical music is the art music of northern regions of the Indian subcontinent.
 It may also be called North Indian classical music or Śāstriya Saṅgīt. 
Its origins date from the 12th century CE, when it diverged from Carnatic music,
 the classical tradition of southern regions of the Indian subcontinent.
Garba is a form of dance and Music genre from the state of Gujarat in India.
Many traditional garbas are performed around centrally lit lamp or 
a picture or statue of the Goddess Durga during Navaratri festival.
Sufism is a dimension within Islam that seeks the divine truth and knowledge
 by deepening one’s relationship with the Creator.
Modern day Sufism is most popularly and widely known for its poetry and its music, 
with songs that attempt to unite the musician and the listener with the Divine.
Jazz has been called America's classical musicaI.
Jazz was born out of all music, as it has continued to 
evolve and absorb other genres throughout its history.
In this illustration one of the oldest tamil's folk music Genre Parai and 
Parai artist is depicted.
Parai Attam is a special type of dance in Tamil culture 
in which folks beat parai and dance to its rhythm.
Bhangra is a folk music and dance which originates from the Punjab region of India .
The dance was associated primarily with the spring harvest festival Vaisakhi, and 
it is from one of the major products of the harvest bhang 
that bhangra drew its name.
In Rap genre the artist gives a rhythmic speech with a musical accompaniment.
Rap, which originated in African American communities in Newyork City, 
came to national prominence with the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”
Rock and roll is a subgenre of rock music which evolved in the early 1950s from  
Chicago blues, jump blues, and big band swing. 
Classic rock and roll is usually played with one or two electric guitars (one lead, one rhythm), 
a double bass(string bass) or 
after the mid-1950s an electric bass guitar, and a drumkit
Gospel music usually has dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) with Christian lyrics. 
Gospel music can be traced to the early 17th century, with roots in the black oral tradition. 
Hymns and sacred songs were often repeated in a call and response fashion
An Arab musician playing an oud instrument is depicted.
The Oud, a central instrument of Arabic music,is a stringed instrument with an ancient history.
It probably originated over 3,500 year ago in Persia, where it was called a Barbat (oud).
Arabic music or Arab music includes several genres and styles 
of music ranging from Arabic classical to Arabic pop music and
 from secular to sacred music.
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