The "Chitra Sutra" is a chapter of the "Vishnudharmottara Purana," the earliest and most comprehensive work on the theory and practise of temple architecture, painting, and image creation in ancient India.
The term Chitrasutra is derived from the Sanskrit terms Chitra, which means "painting," and Sutra, which means "rules or principles." This chapter discusses the art of measuring and proportioning the various sections of the body, as well as the colours and other distinguishing characteristics, the postures and auspicious signs that divine representations should contain, and even the art of painting and depicting all other creatures.
It was an enormous delight to be immersed in this art form and to reflect the same with charm.
The Vedic Goddess of Knowledge and Arts - Goddess Saraswathi
The Vedic Goddess of Beauty and Prosperity - Goddess Lakshmi
The Vedic Goddess of Fortune and Feminine form of Lord Vinayaka - Goddess Vinayaki
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