Indian Kawaii Contemplations
Kawaii is a popular Japanese culture of cuteness. Kawaii is an art style, where every characters are drawn very cute. kawaii gives a feeling of happiness, celebration and fun. Here are the conceptualised Kawaii illustrations done by Pastelwand Studios. 
Ganesha celebrating his birthday with his family ( Father-Shiva, Mother- Parvati & Brother- Muruga). His favourite food is modak, which is visualised into a modak birthday cake.
''Radhakrishna' the epic lovers of all time is visualised into kawaii. Both Radha and Krishna where sitting near a lotus pond and Krishna plays his flute, Radha happily enjoys the music from Krishna's flute play.
A happily wedded couple with their hands joined together with love. 
A crazy couple having a bike ride after their wedding.
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