My Precious Mom, 
A Motivational Picture Hand Book for Mothers

“My precious Mom,” is an offering to every kind of mother in the form of a letter by the child. Each child claims that their mom is a superhero, a best friend, or a role model. Moms have been doing everything for us since the day we were born, until we can do it ourselves, and sometimes even then. According to me, a mom is not just a superhero, or a best friend, or a role model or a rock, but she is THE INSPIRATION. To the world, she is just a mother. To a family, she is the world.
It is no secret that very young kids learn by looking at the world around them. The experiences of various instances faced by a mother teaches far more than anything a school teaches a child. To raise a child with good and right intention is one of the most important jobs that exists. You do not want to strip them of who they are. You want them to be themselves. You want to bring out their best. On that note, this book contains 13 different observations made by a child of the mother and intends to follow the same in their path of life.

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I would be true to myself and my conscience just like how you stand for yourself.

We live in a world that keeps telling us what to do, how to act, what to be. When you are true to yourself, you are completely honest with what you feel, deeply value, and desire. It also means communicating your feelings to yourself and your child with all your heart, allowing your truth to flow through you and into the world. This open talk may have small repercussions, but it would benefit both the child and the mother in the long run. The child would develop trustworthiness and firmly believe in the words of the mother.

I will spread joy to those around me the way you bring happiness in our lives.

There is no other way to say it, but the aphorism “it’s better to give than it is to receive” has been right all along. Spreading joy to those around us has a huge impact on our happiness and wellbeing. There is something about making someone else smile and that, when we really think about it, is contagious. Right? For  instance, when a child smiles or even better indulges in series of laughter, they rub the same emotion to those around them. For a child to be happy and joyous, there is a mother forgetting everything else and laughs along. This is also possible vice versa.

I will find a way to accept my flaws and embrace it just like how you do it, after all “Being PERFECT” is overrated.

As the saying goes, "There's no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good mother. Every mother wants to give her child the best. Each situation is unique, each mother has different challenges, skills and abilities. Yet, in the eyes of the child, their mother is perfect, and no one else can be imagined filling the position. Accepting and embracing the flaws helps the mother to maintain her mental health. It is completely fine to make mistakes. It is all human and we learn from our mistakes. When a child learns this, there is a better chance that the child will not feel insufficient or inferior to anything and that helps in boosting the self-confidence.

I will learn to have a GOAL and achieve it with all the grit and determination like how you make us proud by achieving your long-term ambition.

Every woman before having a child would have some goals to achieve in her life- Be it educational, career, financial, physical, psychological or spiritual. Having a child brings all of these to a pause to focus on the health and well-being of mothers and children. When the time comes to get back on the saddle and carry on from where it is left, it requires a great deal of courage, determination and, most importantly, discipline. All of this is to be done without compromising the child's need and overcoming the mother's guilt. When all the hard work bears fruit and the Goal is achieved, the powerful Aura the mother resonates is immeasurable. When the child observes this and takes inspiration from the mother, there can be no limit to the happiness and contentment for the mother.

I will respect my body the way you are taking care of your physical health.

For a woman, having a child results in numerous physical changes and takes a while to get back to her pre-baby self along with tons of psychological and emotional changes. While the latter is most dominant in the mother's world, the former is usually set back and more often neglected. Any woman who has had a childbirth will tell you that her body is never the same afterward. They may never look exactly like they did before they became pregnant, but if they take care of themselves, they may be happy with the new self. Exercise after pregnancy can help mothers to feel at their best. Even when light to moderate physical activity is part of the daily routine, it helps set a positive example for the child now and in the years to come.

I will learn from you how to handle finances smartly

Mothers are masters of resilience in every household. They don't have the luxury of moping. Even in the face of life-altering disappointments or genuinely insurmountable problems, most moms come up with a way to try again, to reinvent hope, and to make something good out of what seems irredeemable. This is most evident in the case of financial management. They make sacrifices without kicking up a fuss and enjoy the beneficial outcome of their child's happiness. Later, when children become adults and learn to survive in this world, they realize the importance of the sacrifices of their mother. And they are leading the life they want because of the parents' prior smart handling of finances. This is one of the most valuable lessons that every child learns from their mother.

I will learn to always prioritize my family in any situation like how you always give us more importance

In the first three years, mothers serve to soothe the child's distress at the moment, and also help to balance and regulate the child's emotions, not allowing them to go too high or too low. Intimacy requires some time. Without daily dependence on a mother, the child can't trust a mother to be there when they really need them. It is this dependence on a daily basis that forges a loving and spiritual connection between mother and child. Nothing is sweeter and more satisfying than this deep and intransferable bond. None of this suggests that a physically present mother is always a better mother. But without a physical and emotional presence in the life of a young child, nothing else is possible. Knowing this, every mother tries hard to be there for her children and gives priority to the family over work and other reasons. All this makes them grow with a strong message, "Family always comes first" in every phase and every circumstance of life.

I will learn to be independent by seeing you independent.

Mothers have their own problems and lives to deal with, which they confront and solve all issues independently. The children are not burdened by the problems of their mothers, and they both share a comfortable and intimate relationship. Mothers don't always hold their children to their bosom. Rather, they let them be. Kids have their own opinions, their own choices, and their own lives. The freedom of the child automatically translates into the freedom of the mother. Children could live alone once they become financially independent, and mothers could actually enjoy it, as opposed to how society might want you to feel about it.

I would find a way to learn the way to balance my career and personal life just like you do.

A working mother combines a career with the responsibility of raising a family. But working moms are not just those who are part of the labor force. Working mothers include stay-at-home mothers who work at home and work outside the home while managing family responsibilities. For all moms, there's a balancing act of work, finances, and child-raising. It's a reminder to every working mom, "Try to remember to stop, breathe and enjoy little things both at work and with family. Enjoy the moments, because at the end of the day, that's exactly what it's all about.” In this way, the bars have already been set high in the family so that the child learns to respect the other gender, enjoys the present and learns to give importance to balancing the crucial aspects of life.

I will learn to figure out about my passions by seeing your love for your hobby.

Pursuing one's own passion needs immense time, energy and motivation. For a mother, she would have to put a temporary pause to her passion by giving herself entirely to motherhood for a certain time. For a mother who is so passionate, rearing a child will not limit her. When a mother seeks to follow her heart and  enjoys the experience, leading her to win in life, she becomes a role model for her child. The same way, the child looks at the mother and learns to have a passion for life and to work towards it.

I will learn to honour other’s privacy like how you honor my privacy and space.

The desire for privacy is a natural part of human beings, whether they are children or adults. For mothers, privacy is often the most neglected aspect, with tons of unsolicited advice flowing from all sides, a constant judgment about what in motherhood is right. They may have an indirect consequence of making a mother feel inadequate. Kids, as they get older, expect more privacy and more personal and psychological space. All of these start from a very young age as a change of diaper / clothes happens in a private space, keeping the silliest secrets of the children, giving them a bath, etc. This builds trust and respect for each other and, in turn, mothers also learn how to respect child boundaries — while keeping them safe. In this process, she also teaches the child to do the same thing with others. All this paves the way for the modesty of the child, an independent behavior with a correct attitude towards others.
I will learn from my mistakes and be kinder to those around me just like the way you immediately say Sorry.

There's nothing in motherhood called mistakes. Even if it's a failure or a so-called detour, a mother learns something from her experience that will shape decisions to keep her moving forward. Mothers never let their child feel unloved for doing something wrong. From a very early stage, children begin to learn about empathy. When children learn that their actions have caused another person to feel sad or angry, it can have a greater impact than just "getting in trouble."  The Mother can help the child understand that the actions of the child have caused another person to get hurt (either physically or emotionally) and help them feel responsible for their actions. This way, children develop moral compassion knowing that their actions have consequences, and they can do something to make things better and modeling ways to use the word “Sorry” meaningfully. All this would be practically possible only if the adults were to follow it themselves.

I will always be honest with you whenever I feel emotionally low like the way you're transparent with the family.

A child always learns first- hand knowledge of the world from the eyes of a mother. It is important for a mother to show the world to the child in its truest form in order to save her child from future disappointments. It is inevitable to be transparent and vulnerable in this process. Child learns from the mother that she is honest and speaks openly about her feelings. In order for this to be effective, it must be practiced by everyone in the family. Being transparent creates an open, honest relationship between them. In the event of any conflict, it is not avoided, but candidly discussed. This encourages children to build trust, to try to make their own choices, to be straightforward, to embrace mistakes, to gain a safe space, to bond well, and to always put their families first.

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