Hand-Lettered in Adobe Illustrator using Wacom Tablet
The quote "Let the beauty you love be what you do" by Rumi has always resonated with me. It reminds me to pursue what I am passionate about and to find beauty in my work. To express this idea through my art, I chose to create an illustrative lettering piece in brush script, illustrated in the Art Deco style. A contemplated version of a flowy Art Deco which syncs with the flowing curves and brush strokes of brush script creating a sense of energy and movement. Rumi's quote is a powerful reminder that when we do what we love, we can create something truly beautiful and meaningful. By incorporating this message into my art, I hope to encourage others to pursue their passions with creativity and enthusiasm, and to find fulfilment in the beauty of their work.​​​​​​​
Framed Art Print -  Merchandise - Inspiration to pursue passion & Gifting options 
As I worked on the piece, I found myself becoming more immersed in the creative process of bringing out an artist who is painting in joy. The Art Deco style gives it a timeless quality, while the brush script adds a sense of fluidity and motion.
Final Illustration of the Rumi's passion quote
Thumbnail sketch to get the overview of the composition for the Rumi's quote
Refined Sketch to get the overall picture of the lettering & the other elements in the composition​​​​​​​
The dynamism of the Art Deco style could be used to create visual interest and draw the eye across the page, encouraging the viewer to pause and reflect on the message. 
The outline (inking) of the final Rumi's quote illustration
Notebook cover Visualisation - Merchandise Design

Wall Painting Visualisation of the Hand-Lettered quote
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