This is the story of a quirky couple, Kiwi and Coco conceptualised and illustrated in Japanese Kawaii Nouveau style done in partnership with Artpreneur Program

Kawaii means cute and for centuries it is a celebrated culture of Japan. With Animated movies & the popular characters, it is famous across the globe. With Kawaii Art, one can bring out the kid in us, create cute characters and play with our imagination! 

This is all about the funny, quirky, beautiful, cute, crazy in love couple Kiwi and Coco, who are entering into a long term relationship.

A comic version of the cute and quirky couple Coco and Kiwi. Introducing the cute couple Coco and Kiwi.
Coco and Kiwi are watching a horror movie in their living room. The horror movie is a cute version of Coco and Kiwi's memories.
Coco and Kiwi exchanges their outfit on a festive wedding day.
Kiwi played the role of amazing chef and Coco, the scapegoat.
Coco becomes the super intense trainer and Kiwi gets roasted in the super hot sun.
Best comedy series of the year 2020.
Coco definitely needs to track the dates on his mobile.
A cute puppy birthday celebration.
Coco, the ATM machine
The beach bath.
The quirkiness will continue...
What more do you want to know more about Coco-Kiwi. What do you propose? Share your thoughts below.​​​​​​​
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