Sweet Kadai - Diwali Package Illustration
Sweet Kadai is an online shop who strive to deliver traditional South Indian sweets across the globe. They have a 48 hours procurement process to maintain the freshness of their sweets and snacks.

Their exotic gift boxes needed a new look with a fresh package design.

When they approached with their brief I was super excited to create illustrations that not only reflect my home (South India) but also capture the traditional sweets made during festive season.
The brief was to create artworks that kindle nostalgia and edibles that tickle one's tongue. Tamil Nadu map is incorporated representing their core value.
Illustrations with Colors and Food - Best of both worlds!
Rough Character sketches
Sketches before the final outline
A lot of snacks was had in the name of research :')
The final Sketch
Final Character Design
Fun Indian elements
Color Variations - always fun to experiment
Final Artwork for the package
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