Vidhaippom Meithamizhai
"Vidhaippom Meithamizhai" is the second of the two board books made for young readers in the regional language of India, Tamizh/Tamil.
Published by WakeUp Books in 2021, the book contains the consonants of 
Tamizh language, having 5 supporting words with illustrations for each of them.

While vowels are called uyir, meaning soul, in Tamizh, the consonants are known as Mei, meaning body. Together they form the language.
Curious as a child?
Cover Illustration
Sketch to Color
Sketch.. to color.. print
Dolls of India
Pen to Press
One of the unique features of Tamizh. The letter "izh"
Indian Spice box
Candy - the Indian way
Channapatna inspired  colors and designs
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